Irate Dads Descend on MP’s Home

ACTIVISTS from the New Fathers 4 Justice campaign group have held an early morning demonstration outside Justice Minister Jonathan Djanogly’s home in Alconbury and painted slogans on his gate.

The group, which is fighting for equal access rights to children for fathers, also let off air horns and sirens outside the Huntingdon MPs home on Friday so that he would wake up up to what was happening in family courts.

Captain Equality, from the group, said the demonstration was part of their CON-DEM(N) campaign and also involved actions against Justice Secretary Kenneth Clarke and in Prime Minister David Camerons Witney constituency.

The group painted CONDEM on Mr Djanoglys gate and the slogan New F4J Give Dads equal rights. Captain Equality said they did not know if Mr Djanogly had been at home at the time of the demonstration but wanted to bring the message home to him.

He said New Fathers 4 Justice considered the coalition Government was ignoring its own research which found fathers were a key part of a childs life and upbringing and that David Cameron had also attacked absent fathers.

New Fathers 4 Justice is calling for equal access rights between fathers and mother after a divorce or separation.

Captain Equality said: We are saying that access to children should be equal between the father and mother, except when the child is at risk, of course.

We have been talking for two years and it is time to go back to direct action like this.Captain Equality said they understood there would be little improvement for fathers seeking access to their children in proposed changes to family law.

He said: We dont know why they are ignoring their own research, but we do know they promised change at the election and are giving us the same offer as Labour did nothing but the same old drawn out secret family court system.

Mr Djanogly was unavailable for a comment.

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