The day we landed on Angela Eagles roof

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 After weeks of politicians playing games, resigning and launching leadership campaigns I decided it was time they had a wake up call and actually got back to work and focused on the same issues that were around before the Brexit mayhem, like family law reform. Angela Eagle is putting herself forward as the leader of the opposition so we decided to remind her of her responsibilities if she win’s.

 Myself, Samantha Johnson and Karen Challinor attended Angela Eagles constituency office around 1pm on the 14th of July 2016. Luckily we were dressed as Ironman and Super girl so were able to fly up there.


The protest was a success and we got a lot of support from people in the area, many had heard about the protest on twitter or the radio and came there to offer support.

Hopefully when Angela Eagle makes her manifesto for what she will be doing if elected as leader she will include family law reform as a priority. We are both available to speak to her about this beforehand and help her understand more about what we actually want and why we were protesting that day.

The campaign to abolish the secret, undemocratic childhood destroying family courts continues.

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